The Moustache is an independently owned café-bar based in South East London.

We are serving coffee, homemade cakes and freshly prepared food alongside a good selection of soft and alcoholic drinks. Our offer includes juices from the local farms, beer brewed in the independent breweries, cider from a family-run cidery in Kent, spirits from East London and wine from the Southern France, which we visit regularly.

The aim is to create a perfect place for everyone to meet, eat, drink and unwind.


Launched in February 2019, The Moustache has built a solid reputation in the local community as being the place to eat seasonal and tasty food in the heart of Kirkdale Village.

Our approach simply aims to create tasty food, coffee and baking. We achieve this by using quality ingredients, preparation and consistency. Having believed in the healthy and flavoursome food and the fact that quality comes first, we are truly passionate about every aspect of what we do. Everything here is made from scratch using fresh, seasonal, organic and (as much as possible) locally sourced ingredients. We are aware this is a claim made by many but genuinely kept by us.



We make our coffee with passion and care.

The aim is to hold consistency in our coffee making so that every single cup of espresso, latte, cappuccino or flat white serving up in The Moustache tastes great, whenever you visit.

Our flag coffee blend called Crema Espresso is a balanced combination of sweet Central American Arabica together with Brazilian Santos. The body is provided by the highly valued Indian and Central American Robusta. Roasted in Venice, Italy, is sourced from our trusted supplier based in one of the railway arches in Brixton.

Cultural Events

We have a strong desire to be involved in the surrounding community by open our doors to cultural led events beneficial to people who live in the neighbourhood.  We hope to promote local artists and participate in various events that help bring people together, build relationships and develop new art and cultural projects. We regularly act as a space to host exhibitions by local artists.

It is ongoing process which we hope to continue through work with community projects, artists and entrepreneurs.

Since July 2019 The Moustache is hosting Portrait Evenings, a free gathering run by amature atrists.  The aim is to socialize and draw each other portraits. All levels are welcome, meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.

We are proud to create and host KINO, an independent community film club held on the 1st Friday of each month. This is a project born from true love to niche European cinema and run by passionate people! Free for everyone to attend, but there are only 20 seats available.

For more info please follow our Instagram page @themoustache99 



We are fascinated by the idea that a place can serve food and coffee during the day and turn into a bar in the evening. We are trying to introduce our community to accepting that this is a new normal.

People don’t agree on much these days, but there are some things we can all find common ground on, like coffee and alcohol. That’s why a cafe that also serves drinks is an ideal solution.

It marries everyone’s two favourite beverages in one place, and gives us an excuse to drink them both in the same setting. In case the caffeine isn’t strong enough.




Art plays an important role in our life, we’ve been creating, been surrounded by and selling it since ever we can remember. Although we ran an art gallery in the past, we never tried to recreate that in The Moustache. But the vibe is here and the space works well as an artist-led gallery. 

All original works and prints are for sale.

We have recently opened a successful online art store, please visit


gluten free and vegan food

We are passionate bakers who strive to offer at least a couple of wheat and dairy free options daily for those with a dietary requirements and a sweet tooth. Our flourless chocolate almond, orange almond, polenta cakes or salted caramel brownies are hugely popular among our customers and disappear as fast as café classics like our carrot cake, lemon drizzle loaf or extra special peanut butter cookies.

To satisfy those with savoury taste, our baked in-house gluten free bread is regularly ordered by everyone, not only those with gluten intolerances. It works perfectly with the usual favourites like a mighty All-day Mexican breakfast, the cured ham & roasted peppers toastie or grilled goats’ cheese salad.


Food Menu

Inspired by a range of British and international influences, we strive for creativity and variety in our food. Our aim is to make changes to the menu on a seasonal basis so fresh, local and organic ingredients (some of which is grown in our garden) can be used to create delicious plates of food.





Certain part of The Moustache is taken by the shop where we offer a range of carefully curated goods from our suppliers. We stock French wine from Launguedoc-Roussillon, Provence and Aquitaine regions, East London Liquor Dry Gin, craft beer from Brixton and Gipsy Hill Breweries alongside craft non-alcoholic beer from Nirvana Brewery. Our cider comes from Turners in Kent, the selection of teas from our next door neighbours in Kirkdale, and ecological honey from family-run apiaries in rural Poland. We try our best to regularly update the offering with new products from our trusted local suppliers. 

You can also pick up a range of produce made on site, such as nutella (vegan option available), butter, seasonal pickles and preserves. 
We can grind Crema Espresso and Dolci Arabica coffee beans while you wait.

Please mind that all the vintage objects, books, original film posters, lamps alongside tables and chairs are also for sale. If you are lucky enough and have a good eye, you can find  a real  treasure!